Thursday, August 12, 2010


Israel suspended mail delivery to Gaza

by Larry Geller

So the blockade of Gaza is supposed to be eased by Israel? This Canadian article advocates putting mail on board ships planned to sail to Gaza this Fall. Because Israel has cut off mail service to Gaza.

I suppose mail, like construction materials, medicine, and so forth, has dual uses—and the Israelis stop anything that could be used for war, no matter how ridiculous. No matter how cruel.

Here’s the article: Postal Workers' Union: Get mail to Gaza on the boat (, 8/13/2010).

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Sometimes you just have to wonder if Israel is following the same prescription for peace as the United States when we bomb and kill innocent civilians only to find we have created even more people who hate us.

Zionist influence in both governments no doubt which will lead to disaster for both countries.Wake up people! Who are you sending to Congress? What do they support?

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