Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Today is veto day—how about a conspiracy theory?

by Larry Geller

Ok, time to let the imagination run wild.

Let’s start with this announcement three days ago:

Gov. Linda Lingle will have the final say on which bills become law this year, including House Bill 444, the civil unions bill.

House Speaker Calvin Say said yesterday he would not call House members back into special session, as the Legislature has done in past years, to override any of the governor's vetoes.   [Star-Advertiser, Veto override session dead, 7/3/2010]

There are a number of reasons why Say might abdicate in advance the Legislature’s duty to consider overriding the governor’s veto. For one thing, it’s an election year. Should she veto HB444, the civil unions bill, incumbent seats could be at risk should the Senate or some House legislators move to override.

His action left the decision squarely with the gov. Don’t blame House members for anything. We’re out of the picture now, he effectively said.

If Lingle were wavering over a veto  because it might be overridden, now she need not hesitate. She could veto all of the bills on her list, no one will make nasty speeches about it on the House or Senate floor.

Ok, you are waiting for the conspiracy theory. Here it is.

Imagine Say and Lingle sitting down over a couple of espressos and Krispy Cremes. Or text messaging to each other. Whatever.  They make deals. Lingle, you pass this and this, you can veto this, and if you agree, there will be no House override session.

So even HB444 could be sold down the river in exchange for not vetoing some other bills.

What a great deal that would be.  If there were any such deal. I’m just sayin’, you know.

We’ll find out today what gets vetoed and what doesn’t. The Governor is now firmly in control of the political situation. Her future in the Republican party may depend on her stomping on the civil unions bill. Or we could be surprised.

Nobody knows. Nobody but Calvin Say?



At first I thought Say's announcement was bad poker. Then considered that if Lingle thought she could safely veto and have the Leg come back and override, she could satisfy her constituency and blame Dems for 444. If Say knew he didn't have the votes, which appears true from the roll call, this way might put Lingle on notice that she gets what she gets with her decision. Further on, if she vetoes, she gets backing and $ for possible National appointment (should anyone trust Repubs with power ever again). If she allows to pass without signature she might make it to higher office in Hawaii one day (If enough people forget how she has done little and appointed terrible managers to state departments). Deeper question answered from todays action by Lingle on 444 will be "Soul Sista or Lipstick".

Dennis Arakaki's face in a video posted somewhere yesterday telling people "prayer works, just pray" "pray to veto it" reminded me of Hank in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court pretending to have power over a solar eclipse. I knew then that a veto was forth-coming and everyone in the prayer circle was in the loop while the rest of us waited for the press release.

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