Tuesday, July 06, 2010


House locked out from override session? By Speaker Say?

by Larry Geller

This email from Kat Brady to her broadcast email list:

The Senate was ready to go into an override session today. Several members of the House wanted to convene as well.

The Senate went to their chamber. When the House tried to enter their own chamber, they were told that were not allowed admittance per Speaker Calvin Say. In essence they were locked out of the chamber so no overrides can happen.

If House members, our elected representatives, wanted to convene, were they indeed locked out by Calvin Say? See conspiracy theory. If they were locked out then I have been denied my democracy.

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You weren't denied anything. If the rules state that only the leader of the House or Senate can authorize a convening for override purposes, and that Say did not authorize one, then the law was followed.

Don't like that law? It got into the books because it was voted upon.

Democracy in action. Remember, our republic uses a "representative democracy", not a total or pure democracy.

Good point, but rules (and laws) are used quite often in discriminatory, even unlawful ways. I'm not sure that locking out the House has anything to do with representative democracy. In fact, that was my point. My representative wasn't allowed to represent me.

From what I read, Say said the House didn't have a "super majority" to accomplish the override. If so, why then authorize a convening? Waste of taxpayer money?

HB444 was not the only bill vetoed. I've heard some angry words about missing the chance to override a couple of the others.

Well, it's in the history books now. We'll never know if Reps unwilling to support a super majority required for veto would have had a last-minute change of heart. Probably not.

Lingle can't get re-elected. Will Say?

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