Monday, July 26, 2010


Relief in sight for endangered salmon runs

by Larry Geller

The headline takes a different view of what is shaping up as a major victory for environmental groups protecting endangered species:

U.S. farmers may face crackdown on pesticide use  (McClatchy, 7/25/2010)

The nation's farmers could face severe restrictions on the use of pesticides as environmentalists, spurred by a favorable ruling from a judge in Washington state, want the courts to force federal regulators to protect endangered species from the ill effects of agricultural chemicals.

The eight-year-old ruling by a federal judge in Seattle required the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Environmental Protection Agency to review whether 54 pesticides, herbicides and fungicides were jeopardizing troubled West Coast salmon runs.

A federal judge in California has issued a similar ruling that involves 11 endangered and threatened species and 75 pesticides in the San Francisco Bay area.

The article avoids discussion of the need for farmers to learn and adopt alternative methods of pest control and how that might happen, or whether it would be effective.

As Ma`o Farms would say, “No panic, go Organic.”


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