Friday, July 30, 2010


Julian Assange’s insurance policy?

by Larry Geller

No doubt many people around the world have wondered if Obama would just “off” Julian Assange. Our prez has asserted the right to carry out extrajudicial assassinations, after all. It could be made to appear as an accident, though no one would believe it. Or he could be detained and perhaps tortured.

Next, I wondered if Assange has arranged an insurance policy of some kind—to let Obama know that if anything happens to him some huge and un-redacted hunk of data will be released.

Perhaps this has happened. If you go to the Wikileaks web page you’ll see a file named “insurance” encrypted AES256 which anyone can download. And people are downloading, the server is currently very slow. It’s a large file, about 1.4GB. The file can be downloaded but most likely no one will be able to decrypt it.

If this is what the file is about, then if anything happens to Assange, someone somewhere could simply release the encryption key.

Maybe Assange will say something about this file. He’s sure to be asked.



"Assange told reporters that he has plenty more material to be published, *including “very significant” information on the BP oil spill* and abuses in the US military, including sexual abuse. In the meantime, the mystery file is being downloaded by many people, waiting for the key."

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It's up on the torrent network already. Hooray for p2p networks. The torrent is probably a lot faster than the server.

Downloading it right now. Will wait and see what happens.

I downloaded a copy via Torrent also the other day but forgot to mention it. Thanks for posting the link. ....fastest link i found

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