Sunday, June 13, 2010


A new flotilla to Gaza next week: From Iran??

by Larry Geller

First two quick news flashes, please click to see the stories:

Egypt-Gaza Crossing Closed Despite Announcement (Israeli National News, 6/13/2010)

Egypt kept its border with Gaza closed to Algerian activists Saturday, despite announcing last week that its Gaza crossing would be left open indefinitely. Gaza-based organizations said Egyptians turned away an aid convoy and allowed only three of its members to enter.

Hundreds of people protested at the border following the decision, according to AFP.

In boost for Hamas, top Arab diplomat visits Gaza (AP, 6/13/2010)

The Arab world's top diplomat [Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa] declared support Sunday for the people of blockaded Gaza in his first visit to the Palestinian territory since Hamas violently seized control of it three years ago.

The visit was latest sign that Israel's deadly raid on a flotilla trying to break the blockade of Gaza has eased the diplomatic isolation of the Islamic militant group.

This, however, may be the big news of the day:

Iranian ships ready to sail to Gaza (Jerusalem Post, 6/13/2010)

Two ships to leave this week; 100,000 volunteered to travel to Strip.
The Iranian Red Crescent has equipped and loaded two ships with aid, and is waiting for permission from the Iranian Foreign Ministry to set sail for Gaza, AFP reported on Sunday. A third ship is planned for next week.

A plane is also planned to fly to Egypt carrying 30 tons of medical aid.

The 100,000 figure sounds like propaganda. Did 100,000 people really sign up someplace for a chance to be placed in harm’s way on an Iranian flotilla sent to Gaza?

This is one to watch, if the ships actually sail as planned.

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Red Crescent is the Muslim world's equivalent of the Red Cross. Imagine the outcry if a Red Cross aid group were attacked.

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