Sunday, June 13, 2010


BP gives finger to EPA

by Larry Geller

BP has been using night-flying helicopters to spray dispersants over their oil slick. Why spray at night? Didn’t they think anyone would notice? See this article and attached comments.

Of course, use of the toxic dispersants will affect both human and sea life for some time to come.

On May 15, after a few test runs, the Environmental Protection Agency approved the regular use of subsea dispersants, which had never been done before and whose impacts are unknown. BP has now injected 380,000 gallons of Corexit at the wellhead.

On May 20, the Environmental Protection Agency directed BP to stop using Corexit and find a less toxic dispersant, but BP refused, saying there were no alternatives available at the vast quantities needed for this catastrophic discharge.

On May 26, the EPA and Coast issued a new directive, saying that BP “shall eliminate the surface application of dispersants” unless approved by the Rear Admiral James Allen, the Federal On-Scene Coordinator, and “be limited to a maximum subsurface application of dispersant of not more than 15,000 gallons in a single calendar day,” with “an overall goal of reducing dispersant application by 75% from the maximum daily amount used.”

A Wonk Room analysis of information released by the oil disaster command center found that the May 26 directive has not been followed — 120,000 gallons of dispersant have been used at the surface, total use is only down by 25 percent, and on Sunday, June 6, BP used 33,000 gallons of subsea dispersant, more than twice the allowed amount.    [Wonkroom, BP ‘Mechanical Difficulties’ Led To Usage Of Subsea Dispersants Twice The EPA Limit, 6/13/2010]


In an article released today on Dr. Mercola’s website, a damning expose of the reality of this TOXIC Chemical and the implications for life on land and in the oceans has been made available for all to see and read.

There are two video’s from 60 Minutes to watch: What really happened to cause the devastating oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico? And what is BP doing to fix the problem?

For an answer to the first question, watch the 60 Minutes story. As for the answer to the second question, read Dr. Mercola’s special report on the devastating choices made by BP to "clean up" the mess -- choices that could WORSEN the environmental impact of the spill, rather than improve it. See ****

This is something that needs to be viewed and read – far and wide, ESPECIALLY by those who are going to be in charge of seeing to it that Justice will be done! – Send this to the newspapers and your politicians and government officials….. ensure it is seen far and wide and acted upon please.

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