Sunday, May 23, 2010


Small Electric Cars for Dummies—crash dummies, that is

by Larry Geller

On the Governor’s website is a picture of her sitting in a CT&T electric car.that looks somewhat like a golf cart with a funny windshield. It has no doors, much less side-impact air bags.

Next, here is a short video from a Wall Street Journal article, What Happens When An Electric Car Crashes? (Video) (5/20/2010). Please click and read the article, but if you’ve just looked at the pic of our Governor sitting in the electric vehicle, keep that image in mind as you view this video, from the WSJ article (they allow embedding, so here it is):


Now, our governor is no dummy, but you can see what the risk is should her security detail even allow her on the streets in one of those things. So many people run red lights here, you’d have to be concerned driving through an intersection in a golf cart or small, flimsy electric car.

Even the smallest gasoline-powered car can do major damage, and clearly the driver and passengers are at great risk in a collision.

In South Korea, where the electric car the gov is sitting in is made, an article mentioned that Korean police believe that the small, slow cars obstruct traffic. Putting slow-moving cars on the streets of Hawaii will guarantee that they will be closely tailgated. Heck, everyone is closely tailgated. Drivers behind will be impatient. The video should be a warning. That big SUV looming behind may not stop fast enough when the little electric car hits its brakes.


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