Sunday, May 23, 2010


On the ground in Kauai

by Larry Geller

Congratulations to Kauai journalist and blogger Joan Conrow for her leading commentary on the front page of today’s Advertiser editorial section.

If you don’t have a paper, you can read Parallel universe: Living on Kauai, but not seeing the same place here.

The paper helpfully included a link to Conrow’s blog, KauaiEclectic where you can read more news and commentary from Kauai almost every day.

Update: The link above no longer works. But Google still has the article in their cache, at least for now. So try this link instead.


her column makes me feel sorry for all the people on kauai -- "local" or otherwise -- that seem so overwhelmed by the existence of other people.

Auwe!!! I been try go to "here," but no more the article? The paper make and no more. Maybe somebody know where get the article so I can go look? Mahalo plenty.......

Yes, it's gone. But Google has it in their cache, at least for a while. Try this link.

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