Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Slide show—Gulf of Mexico oil spill will be felt for decades

by Larry Geller


Seafood is a 2.4 billion dollar industry in the state of Louisiana.  In fact, Louisiana produces more than 30 percent of the seafood originating in the continental United States.

But that is about to dramatically change.  As the waters off Louisiana are being progressively poisoned by all the oil, fishermen and shrimpers are starting to realize that their lives will never be the same. … [Business Insider, 8 Ways The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Is Going To Be Felt For Decades, 5/12/2010]

Oil The vast extent of the oil spill is hard to imagine. Check this site periodically to compare it with the size of the Big Island, or type “Honolulu” into the box and watch Oahu get covered with oil. You can roll your mouse wheel or use the + – controls on the right side to change the size, and you can drag the image with your mouse. Well done. Sad.


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