Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Fox lies ticked off one by one by one by one

by Larry Geller

Checking into Media Matters for America’s website just now, it’s amazing how often they have caught Fox News lying about Kagan. Just scroll down the list of stories.

For example, this one:

Sean Hannity falsely claimed that Elena Kagan "thr[ew] military recruiters on college campus at Harvard ... off the college campus in the middle of a war in violation of federal law." In fact, Kagan consistently followed the law, Harvard students had access to military recruiters during her entire tenure as dean, and Harvard's data show that her actions did not adversely affect military recruitment.

It doesn’t matter whether one is for or against the nomination. Anyone can be in awe of the extent of mistruths that Fox promulgates. And yet, millions of eyeballs are fixed constantly on that channel.


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