Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Blogger bloggers beware: If you follow instructions, you can lose your email

by Larry Geller

When you don’t get emails you don’t notice it. But I was getting itchy today—I do get tips and leaks from readers quite often, and it has been just too, too quiet out there. For about a week, actually.

This is a “technical note” for those who may google FTP Migration to find. If you’re not interested, please skip.

Latest glitch in the Blogger migration saga (you’ll notice all old images have disappeared again, and Blogger has not yet gotten back to me on it) -- For those who migrate according to instructions, if you forward email to your main account, it is likely being lost. Best to check, anyway. Send yourself something.

Yup, I followed instructions (for the curious, those included changing A Records). So mail to my addresses were redirected into some black hole over at

My hosting service fixed it for me. They understand these things. It took a few tricks to do it and keep the blogging going.

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