Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Appreciation for

by Larry Geller

This is an unpaid, unsolicited, and very deserved statement of satisfaction with the hosting service that keeps Disappeared News going.

Occasionally I have a problem, usually due to something that I’m trying to do (or that Blogger is doing to me, these days). Sometimes computers just behave like, well, computers. Whatever the reason, when I send a “help” message, I get a response from HostMonster right away. If I call, they answer almost on the first ring, and after pushing a single button on the phone, I have been immediately connected to a human being without further waiting.

That’s impressive. Maybe I waited less than a minute once, I don’t recall. It’s been great.

As opposed to all the rest of the customer service out there. I could name names. So could you.

What’s more, they have always solved my problem, always with patient and detailed explanation.

Also, their uptime is better than the two hosting services I used earlier, and the price is affordable. It all seems to work.

I also appreciate great customer service because my first job was in customer service, back in New York in the time-sharing era. We did our darndest to help people get their work done. Good customer service can be done if the company wants to do it.

So as I said, this is unsolicited, but if it helps anyone thinking of trying one of the low-cost hosting services, I’ll have done my duty to report.

These past couple of days they’ve helped me dig out from the problems that Blogger created. Disappeared News and my other websites continue on. In other words, I got help when I needed it. Thanks, HostMonster.

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