Wednesday, April 07, 2010


US military: “case closed”

by Larry Geller

This Tweet Just In:


U.S. military plans no further review of helicopter strike in Baghdad that killed civilians in July 2007, considers case closed - NBC News

Let’s see… the YouTube video is at about 4,216,000 views and climbing, so no, the case isn’t closed yet. In the absence of US action, the video has the last word.

Update: While typing the above, four five sequential tweets came in from Jeremy Scahill:


Eyewitness to attack told @bignoisefilms day after attack: "we demand that Congress & Bush supervise soldiers' actions."
3 minutes ago via Echofon

jeremyscahill    Eyewitnesses say when Reuters came, the crowd had spontaneous demonstration protesting lack of gas, water, electricity
3 minutes ago via Echofon

jeremyscahill    Just reviewed @democracy_now story for tomorrow. Eyewitness interviews say Iraqis killed were local residents, posed no threat
6 minutes ago via Echofon

jeremyscahill    The footage of aftermath of US attack was shot by my man Rick Rowley of @bignoisefilms. Watch @democracy_now tomorrow
11 minutes ago via Echofon

jeremyscahill    Breaking: @democracy_now will have big story tomorrow: NEW footage of aftermath of 2007 Iraq helicopter strike on Reuters
12 minutes ago via Echofon

So tune in tomorrow at for further on this story. (YouTube video now over 4,300,000 hits, in just a few minutes.)

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