Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Media profit most if Djou wins special election

by Larry Geller

All the money that corporations, unions, political parties and oh yes, individuals give to political candidates, goes where, exactly? Mostly into broadcast ads, of course. While we taxpayers pay for special elections, media pockets the profits they bring:

… broadcasters enjoying an unexpected special-election windfall could possibly enjoy a political category double dip if Djou wins in May. Democrats will make a concerted effort to make sure they put this seat back on their side of the aisle, and if it looks like that will be any kind of problem at all, more national cash may flow into the district. [, Hawaiian special House contest draws national dollars, 4/7/2010]

According to this, then, media concerned with padding their bottom line ought to favor Djou for the May special election. They owe it to their shareholders, right?

Watch for it.


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