Sunday, April 11, 2010


Temporary rant – Advertiser posts Lingle’s letter to parents

By the time I got home after dinner, the Advertiser had beat me to it and posted a complete copy of Linda Lingle’s letter to the SOS parent group. Here’s a link to Advertiser breaking news.

Notice how Lingle tries to win friends and influence people (not).

First impression on reading the letter: Someone in her office (where is Bob Awana when she needs him?) should clue her in on the use of “I messages.” Her letter bristles with you … you… your… you … which can only escalate the conflict with parents.

Notice also how Lingle still conflates ending the Furlough Fridays with school reform. They are two separate things. Children should not be used as pawns to achieve what she has not been able to do so far during her reign. It smacks of “Shock Doctrine” — how companies try to profit from a crisis.

Furlough Fridays are tied to the budget crisis now plaguing Hawaii and other states. To use the crisis to bust the union or to push for unrelated educational reform is… is… well, I’ve written enough for tonight.


Now if I'm not mistaken, when I read Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent, I thought the newspapers were only supposed to paraphrase government press releases. Is a letter the way to get it in without any filtering whatsoever these days?

I was going to do scan and post the letter. I think the letter begs to be hung up where it can be seen. The Advertiser, not being a blog, should not take the liberties of interpretation that I felt like posting. I can indulge myself a little, I guess. My blog.

If the letter leaves one speechless, the best thing to do seems to be to let it speak for itself, no? Maybe I should have done the same.

Line, shouldn't your upside down letters read in the other direction? Just asking.

I am glad we got to see Lingle's letter in its entirely, I'm still leering of how newspapers and TV media fail to do their job of reporting generally though by cutting and pasting gov't press releases... and about the lettering, yes....

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