Thursday, April 08, 2010


Corporate personhood included in HB2003, help get this changed

I believe that people, not corporations, should be the primary sponsors of candidates running for public office. — Sen. Les Ihara, Jr.

by Larry Geller

The Senate passed HB2003, which is now headed for the dark recesses of a conference committee. In their quest for ever bigger campaign contributions, part of that bill defines corporate personhood. Yup, it opens the corporate and special interest floodgates.

Sen. Les Ihara objected to that part of the bill. I thought you’d enjoy reading a transcript of his floor speech on that subject.

What can you do? Write, call or email your state legislators and ask that corporate personhood be deleted from HB2003. Tell them that you elected them, not any corporation. Whatever you tell them, please tell them something soon.

It’s easy to email all senators at and all representatives at


20100408 Ihara Floor Speech


Yay for Sen. Ihara!
BUT---- I'd like to know WHO wrote that portion of the bill allowing personhood for Corporations. Inquiring minds want to know!

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