Friday, February 12, 2010


UH protests challenge ties with intelligence community, but Hawaii is already in bed with them

by Larry Geller

Peaceful Hawaii?

Under its placid, sun-drenched exterior are some unpeaceful things you may want to know about.

In this article posted today by Hawaii resident and peace activist Ann Wright, Protest at the University of HI Challenges Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence & CIA Campus Recruitment (, 2/12/2010), we learn about our state university’s participation in intelligence activities:

Hawaii activists protested on February 10, 2010, the University of Hawaii’s participation with U.S. intelligence agencies in a symposium on national security and called on students and faculty to remember the criminal track record of these agencies in torture, assassination, kidnapping and illegal prisons.

Protesters called on the University administration to reject any request by the federal government to create a National Intelligence Center of Academic Excellence (ICCAE, pronounced “icky”) at the University of Hawaii.

This academic infiltration follows the establishment of close ties between the FBI and Hawaii’s business community. (See: More on InfraGard and corporate execs licensed to kill, 2/11/2008 and Corporations deputized to kill? In Hawaii??, 2/8/2008).

Oh, you think it’s a conspiracy theory that Hawaii business people are being trained to kill? Then why are trainings held for them at the Kaneohe Marine Corp target range where, under the supervision of “some of the FBI’s best weapons instructors,” they learn to use “some of the baddest weapons on the planet?” Check out this page from the Hawaii Infragard website before they pull it down:

Infragard September 15, 2008 Update - Range Day has been cancelled as not enough folks have signed up. Please check the website and look for emails on the possiblity of rescheduling.

September 6, 2008 Update - Current Infragard Hawaii Members are invited to attend the 2008 Range Day at Kaneohe


Last years Range Day, sponsored by the Honolulu FBI office and Infragard was a spectacular success and provided a wonderful way for Infagard Members to spend part of a day.

Located on the picturesque Windward side of the island, at Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station, the target range is world class and overlooks one of the most beautiful parts of Oahu.  

Some of the FBI’s best weapons instructors show up as volunteers to assist the Infragard crew in firing an exciting and wide assortment of firearms.   

Each weapons station is set up with an FBI instructor who illustrate the proper technical and safety techniques required to handle some of the baddest weapons on the planet.

Click and read Ann Wright’s article. You’re not going to find this kind of discussion in your local paper.


Thanks, Larry, and thanks to, Ann, who, every time she returns to Hawai'i, it is like a breath of fresh air..her enthusiasm for keeping the US Constitution a live. Ann reminds us of our individual responsibilities if we wish to remain free and live in a peaceful world.

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