Friday, February 12, 2010


Kauai community wins one round against house built over iwi

by Larry Geller

Although the news broke yesterday all over Kauai, you can read Burial council rejects treatment plan for Haena home built over iwi on the Honolulu Advertiser’s web site today. It’s just yesterday’s Garden Island story Burial plan No. 16 rejected by Paul Curtis.

Joan Conrow’s blog post this morning is more insightfull, and of course you can follow the progress of this ongoing desecration scandal through her earlier articles.

And yesterday’s unanimous recommendation by the Kauai-Niihau Island Burial Council to reject the 16th incarnation of Joe Brescia’s burial treatment plan for his house atop an ancient cemetery at Naue was a perfect topping to hours of heartfelt testimony urging it to do just that.

It would be a disservice to Joan’s article development to snip more than that. Check it out. Reading her account of the testimonies, I almost felt that I was there.

It’s encouraging that the community won this round, but the spirits won’t rest, I know, until that house is torn down and a lesson delivered to other developers with similar plans.


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They should just not approve the plan, then he can't sell the spec house.

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