Saturday, January 02, 2010


The New York times investigates what’s in ground beef

by Larry Geller

I’m going to try to revive my food blog, The Free Range Gourmet.

To start, check out this food safety article. But not before dinner, perhaps.

New York Times digs into a ground beef safety issue


I am glad that I gave up beef years ago!

Aloha, I have been following your blog ever since I learned about it via the rat story. Here is another example of a broken inspection system that not only affects Hawaii, well, in a way it does. As you drive past the airport you will see the sky chef containers for the airlines. The FDA found these little critters, but I bet the only reason there were inspections as of lately was because of the terrorist problem. Now things are being checked out, and probably that is when they found the critters. I want to wager that most cities in the US no longer inspect, because all of them are broke, the money is diverted and has been to the war efforts. well, I like your blog and thought I will send this link. You are doing a great job, thank you.

I think you're onto something important. Again, this depends on proper government regulation and inspections to safeguard our food. I don't think Hawaii is immune, either. And you are correct, shortage of money won't help.

Someone did let me know about a potential problem at a Hawaii airport. The problem is that bloggers are short of money also, and I haven't been able to do anything with the info.

Here is where citizen journalism can help. Take a video, or somehow, dig deep and let your local blogger take it from there.

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