Saturday, January 02, 2010


Life of the Land is 40 this year

by Larry Geller

I was googling around and found this 1971 image from Life Magazine (click for larger):


Life Magazine says it is from Life of the Land Ecology Group.

Zooming in for a closer look at the tombstone:

Life of the Land

Checking with Henry Curtis, yup, this is them—they were founded in 1970, so this year is their 40th anniversary.

And look how prescient this photo is. Copenhagen has just ended in failure: the big polluters have committed nothing to saving us from global warming. Honolulu garbage is piling up at the docks. Today, the world’s population is about 6,793,800,000 and expected to reach nine billion in 2040. Life of the Land got it right in 1971.

From a page on the Life of the Land website I learned how well they were regarded even in their first year:

“Life of the Land is waging a vigorous fight against polluters in and out of court. Hawaii needs all the committed, competent environmentalists it can get. Despite it clear governmental advantages and unique natural setting, it totters on the brink of some real environmental disasters.
[Former U. S. Interior Secretary] Stewart Udall and Jeff Stansbury. Honolulu Advertiser. December 23, 1970.

Hawaii is fortunate to have Life of the Land fighting vigorously for sound environmental and energy policies. Please click over to their website. Learn about them and support them with a contribution for 40 years of valuable service.


It appears that our government is determined to destroy the planet. I am pleased to support Life of the Land.

We can add Copenhagen to the list of disappointments Obama has caused those of us who voted for him. Speaking of "Disappeared News," the role the US played in scuttling any real agreement at Copenhagen has been largely ignored by the US media.

Democracy Now had brilliant coverage, but even Rachel Maddow and Olberman at MSNBC failed to understand how "OUR" conduct there needlessly alienated the goodwill of most of the developing world. Liberals should not adopt this "Blame China" narrative. It conceals a helluva lot more than it illuminates.

Happy Birthday to LOL! You guys are among the "Good Guys"-- fighting the "Good Fight"!

It's amazing! You don't LOOK 40!

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