Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Humongous petition aims to save Copenhagen summit

by Larry Geller

Avaaz.org is shooting for the world’s largest petition, to be delivered to world leaders arriving in Copenhagen starting tomorrow. Here’s the sound bite on it:

Copenhagen's last-ditch summit to stop catastrophic global warming is failing; only massive public pressure can save it.

Currently, their website shows over 11,000,000 signatures. You can check it out or add your name to the heap here.

Here’s what Avaaz says they will do with it:

An Avaaz team is meeting daily with negotiators inside the summit who will organize a spectacular petition delivery to world leaders as they arrive, building a giant wall of boxes of names and reading out the names of every person who signs. With the largest petition in history, leaders will have no doubt that the whole world is watching.

There’s plenty of discussion on what Copenhagan may achieve, as well as how much it may help or hurt the movement to reduce carbon emissions. The US is definitely a bad guy there, with promised reductions that in reality amount to something like a miserly 4% by 2050.

Some advice is to save it, some is that it would be better if it fails. Please google and read the current commentary.

Democracy Now had been covering Copenhagen on-site. Tune in on your TV or via website at democracynow.org.


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