Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Star-Bulletin helpfully posts attorney Seitz’ letter to Attorney General Bennett on possible action against furloughs

by Larry Geller

Update: Oops, the Advertiser also posted Eric Seitz’s letter. Either I missed the link (sorry) or it was posted later, I don’t know. But check out their article (Hawaii parents may sue over furloughs, 10/13/2009).

At the end of today’s article (Community fights Friday furloughs, 10/14/2009), Susan Essoyan helpfully includes a link to the letter sent by attorney Eric Seitz to the AG on the subject of his opposition to the DOE’s Friday Furloughs.

In reading the letter, I’m thinking that of course the best arguments are reserved for the court, and would not appear in the letter. For example, the violation of hundreds (thousands?) of IEPs (Individual Education Plans) would be the engine driving a “Felix”-type lawsuit, but just mentioning “Felix” in the letter should send a chill up DOE spines.

Seitz suggests that his opposition will not be based entirely on damage to the education of special needs students, however.

Regardless of the outcome of this high-profile complaint, some parents will be consulting their own attorneys on how to protect their children’s education, and it is possible that other class-action suits could result. Most likely those attorneys won’t go to the newspapers as Seitz has done, they’ll go directly to court.


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