Saturday, October 17, 2009


Bid for blog popularity via cat pic

by Larry Geller

Ian Lind posts cat pictures. Ian Lind’s blog is one of the most popular we have. So if I want to be popular too, I better post cat pictures, right? Anyway, it’s worth a try. Problem is, I no longer have actual cats.

From the archives, then.

I tried to sell some stuff at our condo’s swap meet this morning. It’s been languishing in storage for far too long. In the box was this photo I’ve been looking for now for ages!

When we lived in Japan, we raised many cats. Only one was purchased, Lisa, an American Shorthair Silver Tabby. Now, in Japan, cats can be catnapped. We were afraid that Lisa would be a prime catch. So we were very paranoid at first, and actually took her out each day on a cat leash.

One or another of our cats was probably outside as well, and often joined the walk, probably a bit amused in a cat-like way, at the idea or the spectacle of a cat being walked on a leash. Anyway, fumbling for my camera, I dropped my end of the leash one day. Shakti picked it up, and took over the job of walking Lisa. So I snapped a quick one.

Shakti & Lisa

(click for larger)

This went on only for a couple of days. Shakti was nearby and asked for the leash. I was afraid that she would drop it and Lisa would take off, so I hovered very close, and sure enough, one day Shakti did drop it and gave me a look. She never tried this again.

I abandoned this silly idea after awhile. Lisa ran around freely, never ventured far, and was not catnapped. She joined us in Hawaii after enduring quarantine for those many months. Shakti did not like quarantine, and when we took her home, she wouldn’t come inside. One day she just took off, I think perhaps intending to swim her way back home.


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