Saturday, August 22, 2009


Protest pictures on-line

Lynette Cruz posted a link to this rich collection of photos of the protests yesterday to a number of listservs. Check them out:

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Yes, the US 'govt' is very awful in many ways, but if one reads "The Golden Torch" by Billie Beamer, they might be grateful the 'royals' don't run things anymore.

I think you're referring to a book, now out of print, that was a work of fiction, at least in part. It's described as a historical novel.

I didn't find any reviews of the book on a quick search. It's The Royal Torch by the way, and nothing says that a Hawaiian government today would have any characteristics of any government in the distant past any more than the US government bears resemblance to what it was in the distant past. You might be grateful that those folks don't run the US government any more also.

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