Monday, August 24, 2009


All the news that fits, if you can wait

by Larry Geller

Sonny Kaniho was one of the giants in the modern Hawaiian rights movement who gained fame by quietly, and then not-so-quietly, protesting the failures of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to make land available to Native Hawaiians.

That’s a little of what Ian Lind wrote on Friday, August 14, 2009, a few minutes after receiving an email with news of Kaniho’s death. The rest of Ian’s article was a thoughtful remembrance and included photos of Kaniho and his 1974 protest.

The news also appeared the next day in Tiffany Edwards Hunts’ blog, in an article by Hugh Clark with photos by Ian.

Today the Advertiser got around to printing a story of Kaniho’s death. It says:

Kaniho died Friday at the age of 87.

I’ll bet the story was written in a timely fashion. The news is exactly 10 days old, though. In addition to being old and containing this error, it’s not bad, but its appearance in today’s paper makes me wonder about the health of the Advertiser itself.

The effect of the delay: How thoughtless and disrespectful of the editors to have sat on it until today, how out of touch if they didn’t notice.

And good thing we have some great blogs in Hawaii.


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