Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Our state senators write: Sen. Will Espero on health care, Sen. Colleen Hanabusa’s testimony on the state economy

by Larry Geller

Good writing, must reading. Both of these are from the Senate Majority Caucus blog.

The health care debate: A must-do proposition (Part one), Part two

Testimony of Senate President Colleen Hanabusa before the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, August 24, 2009

I did note that there’s no mention about the possibility of tax increases (for example, taking back some of the tax cuts enjoyed by higher income earners). It’s not just the governor who won’t talk tax increases, it seems.

Sure, they’re afraid of the election next year. But workers vote, and I think people are onto the fact that the rich have made out like bandits in this recession, while ordinary folks get foreclosed, etc. By primary time in 2010, they may still remember this.

Check out Sen. Espero’s articles on health care, in which he describes how well off insurance company executives are. One earns over $100,000 an hour!

Health company CEOs earned an average $11 million each. One CEO took home over $100,000 an hour, and each of the 9 bedrooms in his three mansions cost about $87,000.

I’ll repeat: $100,000 an hour!

They (as examples of rich folks) can afford to pay more taxes, for sure, and help eliminate the need to lay off workers.


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