Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Got ADHD? Disappeared News will tweet for you

by Larry Geller

twitter-blue-waves I just don’t want to be the last person on the planet to tweet.

Really, everyone is tweeting and the pressure is building, I can feel it.

So Disappeared News will tweet. Check it out at twitter.com/DisappearedNews. This is not my personal twitter and I won’t be bothering you with details of what I ate for breakfast. And only tweets for significant articles, not for everything. So your peace won’t be disturbed.

During the legislative session it was great to be informed by Twitter of when some bills were coming up for hearing, considering that it was ‘way after midnight already. Helpful night birds tweeted the info. I was even able to jump into my car and get there in person after a tweeted warning.

If I’d like you to email your legislators or congresspeople, I’ll tweet also. In other words, for action alerts.

Yeah, I’m being overly practical. This Twitter thing has become something of a fad, everyone is doing it suddenly.

And now people have hundreds or even thousands of “friends.” To me, a “friend” is someone I might borrow $20 from. Or loan $20 to. Just as an example. A friend is someone to talk with over a double espresso or meet at Borders. Or a friend is someone who comes with us for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant.

Ok, I’ll try it, anyway.


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