Monday, June 01, 2009


Austal expects to assume ownership of Superferries and then charter them to US Dept. of Defense

by Larry Geller

This interview in tomorrow’s West Australia Today validates speculation in the Hawaii blogosphere that the entire Superferry project might, just might, have been staged to prove sea worthiness of the aluminum ship design prior to intended military use.

"If the business continues to operate, the chances of Austal getting its money back eventually are high," Austal executive chairman John Rothwell told AAP.

Mr Rothwell said it was likely that ownership of the vessels would return to Austal, which would then charter them to the US Department of Defence.

Austal holds a second registered mortgage over the vessels, ranking it as a creditor behind the US Maritime Administration. [West Australia Today, Austal customer bankrupt, owes $26.3m, 6/2/2009]

Have we been used? Would the state also hope to get back the money owed it by HSF if the company were allowed to continue to operate? Or should we be looking for a sell-off of the ships to recover funds to pay creditors? Is that possible?


Congrats to you environazis for the imposition of the will of the micro-minority on the rest of us and keeping an already stagnant Hawaiian economy down.

Unfortunately, you non-environazis were not riding the boat enough. If income is less than expenses, month after month, the end game is bankruptcy. Where were you when they needed you? What do you have against stimulating the stagnant Hawaiian economy with your ridership?

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