Sunday, May 24, 2009


Support a super Hawaii advocacy organization

by Larry Geller

Henry Curtis is fundraising for Life of the Land. This is one of the best advocacy organizations to support, IMHO. They are fighting for you, and as they succeed, your energy bills are controlled. Stuff like that. Does the government look out for you? No. Henry does.

Here’s his message, including where to send your support donation.


LOL has always operated on a very tight budget, because our staff are passion driven, they truly believe that their research and work will help Hawai`i become a more self-sufficient place where people can live healthy lives and enjoy the most beautiful environment on the planet.

LOL is the only community group which intervenes before the Hawai`i Public Utilities Commission which regulates electric utilities and implementation of energy policy.

We were the first party to sponsor expert witnesses in contested case hearings on climate change, biofuels, wave energy, ocean thermal power, Sea Water Air Conditioning, and environmental justice.

LOL also works on include civil unions, land use, open government, genetic engineering, agriculture, water, and justice.

We focus primarily on research, education and advocacy before state agencies.

Now we need your help. Please make a generous contribution today

We depend almost solely on community support. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. We bravely stand alone when all others are caving in, we are courageous in the face of intense adversity, we are principled in that we would never sell our the values and ideals that Life of the Land has lived by for 38 years, and we will continue to be the clear voice for the community when powerful interests are trying to roll over you.

Please help us


Life of the Land

76 N. King Street, Suite 203

Honolulu, HI 96817

LOL Web Site

By the way, Disappeared News has a little donation button over on the left side. After you support Life of the Land, please try that button too, it helps pay for the server and other expenses. Thanks!


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