Sunday, May 24, 2009


Do-it-yourself gas cap

by Larry Geller

petrofix The Hawaii state legislature caved in to industry and the governor’s pressure and killed our state gas cap. Then, in 2008, gasoline prices skyrocketed and we suffered along with the rest of the country.

It’s unlikely that the legislature will dare try to pass a gas cap bill again. We’re on our own. If there is any manipulation of prices, we get manipulated. If there is gouging, we just get gouged. That’s the way it is.

There’s a new web service that purports to let individuals and businesses hedge against increasing gas prices. I don’t know if it works, and I don’t endorse it. I’d hate to find out it is some kind of scheme. All I know about this is a URL. Which is: The Petrofix website says that you can create your own gas cap. Actually, a hedge against increasing prices.

It’s obviously a gamble, at best.

If anyone does try this, I’d be curious to learn how it went. If it goes badly, please don’t blame me, I didn’t twist your arm.


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