Saturday, January 03, 2009


Two must-read essays: Obama/CIA, and one on Blagojevich

Highly recommended reading, both links from the Progressive Review website:

The Strange Rise of Obama

From the intro:

As we have noted, one of the unanswered questions about Barack Obama is how a young politician of such little achievement got so far so fast - from state senator to president in four years. Bill Blum provides new light on the subject. To understand this phenomenon, it is important to recognize that if a young Obama was vetted or otherwise used by the CIA, it was not all that unusual….

 Burying Burris

Bad as Rod Blagojevich may be, Harry Reid and other superlative hypocrites in the Senate are certainly giving him a run for his money. And they're getting aid from liberal Democrats who are ready to dump basic principles - such as guilt being determined by a court and not by the media or a prosecutor - in hopes of saving themselves some embarrassment.

The hypocrisy includes the fact that the current Senate is the most corrupt in American history based on the amount of contributions accepted from those with clear intent to wrongfully influence legislation….

Go read these. There’s also a great cartoon currently posted on the right side of the Progressive Review website.


Larry, nice find "The Strange Rise of Obama." I knew there was something about this that is off...campaign one way exactly as the people want...then do a 180 with Cabinet selections...we haven't even seen the half of it yet...Manchurian Candidate? Bet this guy does more for 'the agenda' than even W.

Larry, I'm gonna start calling him Obama'Manchurian. Ha!

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