Thursday, January 15, 2009


Superferry cancels tomorrow, but what was it like today?

by Larry Geller


Should the ferry have sailed today, given the weather? I guess it would be good to check with the passengers, if one could, to see what it was like. The conditions out there may have been as rough as was predicted.

There’s plenty of advance data. The Superferry could have cancelled earlier. They were taking reservations at least until mid-afternoon, then poof! Friday is cancelled.

Here in Honolulu, the rain has started, and it’s blowing almost horizontally at times. Lucky we live Hawaii. Elsewhere this would be a blizzard.

Here’s some data posted by Brad Parsons. He didn’t calculate the barf index, but he did make some comments, based on the numbers.


Here is the lastest from Buoy 1:

dir.wind gust wave pd. BP
01 15 2:50 pm WSW 25.3 31.1 17.1 8.9 29.72
01 15 1:50 pm WSW 23.3 31.1 18.0 9.0 29.74
01 15 12:50 pm WSW 23.3 27.2 20.3 10.0 29.76
01 15 11:50 am WSW 21.4 27.2 18.7 9.5 29.80

The open ocean waves finally broke 20 feet out at Buoy 1 between 12 and 1pm today, reaching Kauai between 4-5pm, Oahu between 6-7pm, and possibly to Maui between between 8-9pm. Wind gusts started picking up substantially at Buoy 1 and elsewhere between 1-2pm. Low barometric pressure at Buoy 1 has been dropping substantially for the past 6 hours, indicating the strength of this Low Pressure system and swell is finally moving into the area.

Aloha, Brad

BTW, the Barf Index is 'off the charts,' no need figya it, yeah?

What Superferry Buffer Zone? Windsurfers vs. Superferry:

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