Thursday, December 18, 2008


Who is Caroline Kennedy??

by Larry Geller

I do remember a little girl all dressed up, at her father’s funeral.

Now, she wants to fill the Senate seat held by about-to-be former Arkansas New York Senator Hillary Clinton. But who is she???

As you remember, Hillary and Bill moved to New York just so they she could run for the Senate from there. And here we go again. At least, it seems, Caroline does live in NYC.

So I did what anyone else would do with the same question: I Googled her. And I hit this, a Tom Tomorrow blog post with pretty much the same question that I had, and he posts the picture I had in my memory as well. Lucky catch for me.

Here’s the pic:


And here is the info Tom Tomorrow found from his own search on Wikipedia (if you run for Senate, people will look for you on Wikipedia, and this is what he hit):


When I went to look, that page was gone. Well, Tom’s blog post was two days ago, so there’s been time for people to scramble and fix it. The page now redirects to a more complete entry for Caroline Kennedy. Still, there’s not much there on her political life, raising the Sarah Palin question. Which might be put, “from her window on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, can she see anything beyond Queens?”

Well, this is Hawaii and New York is some remote place we only read about sometimes in the newspaper. Wall Street is there, and it is causing us a lot of trouble right now. I’m inclined to let them figure out their own politics. I was just curious and interested in the point that to run for office these days takes a decent Wikipedia page. Bad page, you lose. Check out our own Randy Iwase, for example.

Unlike Facebook or MySpace, though, the Wikipedia is designed to require some actual facts. For a politician that means qualifications or accomplishments.

Back home in Hawaii, Mufi’s page is progressing nicely. Duke Aiona lists as one of his political qualifications:

His cousin, Sam Aiona, had served as a Republican member of the state legislature.

His judicial career is noted, but that’s pretty much it for his politics. If you go by the weight of a Wikipedia page, he doesn’t have much of a chance. If it’s really money that wins elections, Mufi probably can beat him by that measure as well. And now I can see why Abercrombie wants to allow out-of-state donations, he has a weak Wikipedia page (IMHO). It is basically chronology, with this noted achievement:

Abercrombie is an avid weight-lifter and has a stated goal of lifting 200 lbs more than his age on each birthday. It has been reported and witnessed by other members of Congress that Abercrombie can indeed do this. On his 67th birthday, he bench pressed 268 lbs.

(His voting record is detailed elsewhere. Aiona and Mufi obviously don’t have comparable measures. Mufi’s so “liberal” he kicks homeless people out of the parks and arrests their leaders. Yup, his record is in the press. 2010 will be interesting.)


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