Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Auditor's report on Superferry is critical of state administration

by Larry Geller

Brad Parson's sharp eyes caught today's release of the second report by the Legislative Auditor related to Act 2. This one

Examines the state administration’s actions against the requirements of the Hawai'i Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) law, Chapter 343, Hawai'i Revised Statutes. The audit reviewed the State’s actions in not considering potential secondary environmental impacts of the harbor improvements prior to granting the exemption from these requirements.

He wrote about it here. Brad also included the auditor's comments in the first audit regarding the Attorney General's interference with the audit process.

Please click over to Brad's blog to read the summary and conclusions, or get your own copy of the audit in pdf form here.

Don't miss the part about the Chinese-made barges that could be rendered useless if the Superferry outfitted the Alakai with on-board ramps like the ones on its sister ship not yet delivered, or if Hawaii Superferry should swap out the Alakai for the other ship, which can be used not only between Oahu and Maui but between Oahu and the Big Island. The report states that if the Superferry switches to ramps:

the State’s entire $38.5 million barge-and-ramp system would
quickly become unnecessary

Auditor Marion Higa is too restrained to refer to the administration's actions as bumbling, but just read between the lines and draw your own conclusions.

Ok, now to read the entire report....



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