Monday, November 03, 2008


Really disappeared news!

by Larry Geller

The server at my hosting service went down Friday, and although they said it would be up by midnight CST, it just came up now, Monday afternoon. If I had put a temporary site up to give readers a message, it would have interfered with the fix.

It seems that a cheap hosting service is something like cheap medical insurance--it's fine when everything is going well. When you need help, they don’t care about you.

I spent much of the weekend on the phone, being told different things by different technicians. In the end, I decided to move to a new hosting service.

Now, where to get started? The election is tomorrow, Republicans are stealing votes, it makes my little problems small by comparison.

The country, indeed the world, needs a good outcome from this election.

I might post some insignificant things under this post. Too burned out to think, and tomorrow is election day, after all. I’ll be busy moving files (I have lots of websites with these folks), and there will be a few hours (only, I hope) downtime when I make the switch.

So I hope you haven’t given up on Disappeared News. Please check back later, and apologies for the service interruption.


P.S. Any donations welcome, they help pay for the hosting service.

Update: Hey! Here I am on HostMonster! Less than an hour after I posted this and signed up with them. Meanwhile, back at midPhase, they still don't have it working.

No need, heh, heh, I'm about to cancel them. End of headache.


Glad your back...

I actually blogged about missing your blog!

Why, thank you!

I should thank all the folks who emailed. I was wondering if anyone would notice...

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