Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The world’s newspapers vote for Obama

by Larry Geller

The election isn’t over, but before polls even opened, many newspapers in Europe and around the world have called it for Obama. In looking at the front pages posted at the Newseum, I found none that featured a picture of McCain alone. Many had pictures of both, often of extremely high quality. When one candidate appeared alone, it was Obama. And again, some really spectacular photos and composites.

Here’s a selection of those featuring Obama alone. Click for larger. On some browsers, if you click again, it gets even larger. The newspaper is identified if you move your mouse over the picture.

Please visit the Newseum website for a huge assortment of front pages. Of course, there will be more tomorrow. Speak a foreign language? Try it out on the Newseum’s front pages.

These pages are not trying to influence anyone’s vote. And the pictures are often so exuberant, even bold.

1. Kleine Zeitung, Germany

2. Die Presse, Vienna, Austria

3. De Morgen, Brussels, Belgium

4. De Standaard, Brussels, Belgium

5. Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

6.  Taxydromos, Volos, Greece

7. La Repubblica, Rome, Italy

8. La Stampa, Torino, Italy

9. Avui, Barcelona, Spain

10.  El Periódico de Catalunya- Catalan Edition, Barcelona, Spain

11. Haaretz, Tel-Aviv, Israel

12. Correo - Piura, Piura, Peru

13. Peru.21, Lima, Peru

14. The Times, Johannesburg, South Africa

These front pages reproduced here for educational purposes only.

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