Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Superferry begins seasonal voyage into seasickness

by Larry Geller

As we head into Winter, the seas around Hawaii will begin to get choppy. Bouncing in the middle of it all is the Hawaii Superferry, now with increased passenger load, headed for another barf-filled season. It’s inevitable and predictable. Here’s possibly the first report of the season, with thanks to Dick Mayer.

Blogs started as personal “journals,” and many still are. So it’s interesting to see this account of a Superferry voyage as part of a blog post on a Maui vacation:

So we just got back from our vacation on neighbor-island Maui (not neighboring and NOT outer island).  We took the Superferry (huge mistake) and stayed at the all-suites Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea.  Hung out in Wailea the whole time and had a blast.  Since we already live on a tropical island, wasn’t sure how “vacation-y” it would feel, but it was so much fun.  We can’t wait to visit more islands.

First, the Hawaii Superferry.  We chose to take the Superferry because we thought it would be a fun experience and a convenient way to take our car.  Wrong.  I was so seasick, I made frantic calls on the Superferry to the reservations desk to cancel my return trip.  It was 3+ miserable hours.  Joe and kids did okay, but we (foolishly) sat in first class at the bow (front) of the ship which made it extra rocky!  Joe returned on the ferry with the car, and the kids and I flew back.  It was about the same price and only a 34 minute plane ride.

This is news that is not filtered through a newspaper that runs Superferry ads, it’s real. The author talks about all the al fresco dining on Maui, and ABC stores, so I think we’re looking at a genuine tourist experience.


That's what Dramimine was invented for. I've taken the Superferry 3 times and enjoyed it each time. Granted, it is a long voyage in this age of "instant-everything" but it's a boat ride for heaven's sake. Ocean travel, why is that such a foreign concept in Hawaii?

not a foreign concept at all but kinda poor way to conduct business- skirt the laws, flout the HI-SC rulings, jeopardize the credibility of local governments. here's another reason why the good folks at HSF should start looking for employment elsewhere. don't go down with the ship.

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