Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Naue decision may mean building permits could be revoked after unauthorized capping of graves

by Larry Geller

Joan Conrow’s coverage is better than the two newspaper article she references. In a nutshell:

Turns out, after a protracted hearing and “very difficult” deliberations, that the iwi-defenders were right all along. State archaeologist and county council candidate Nancy McMahon made a big boo-boo when she approved the final burial treatment plan for the project without first consulting the Kauai-Niihau Island Burial Council, lineal descendants of the iwi, Hawaiian groups and even [developer] Brescia.

Now the matter must go back before the Burial Council for the proper review. That ought to be one highly-charged meeting, with all kinds of fancy footwork going on behind the scenes to get the Council to rubber stamp what Nancy already approved.

Joan discusses the question of whether developer Brescia’s building permits can now be revoked. I suggest you jump on over to her article for details.

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