Monday, September 15, 2008


Naue burials case ruling due this afternoon

by Larry Geller

The grave desecration case on Kauai is moving towards an expected conclusion this afternoon, even as the developer has been allowed to pour concrete foundations over the Native Hawaiian burials. For information on this ongoing disgrace, I suggest following Joan Conrow’s KauaiEclectic blog.

Today Joan mused about hurricanes, victims who haven’t the money to evacuate (and of course, assistance is inadequate), and how that relates to Hawaii. Although it isn’t the main thrust of her article, I’ll snip out this part that relates to the Naue situation because I saw the same picture in this morning’s paper that Joan comments on, of coffins floating away in Texas. I made a similar connection to the controvresy in Naue, where the developer, and who knows, maybe even the court, won’t give those graves the same respect we commonly have for our own dead:

”I just don't know what to say," the 75-year-old [George] Levias said as he walked gingerly among open graves filled with water. "Loved ones being disturbed like that."

Once again we see how it bothers most mainland folks to see burials disturbed, but here in Hawaii, it’s just par for the course. Anyway, it seemed apropos to include that in today’s musing, since Judge Watanabe is scheduled to hand down her ruling this afternoon in the Naue burials case.

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OMG!! Not all people from the mainland are like that though.. just the developers obviously. I am from the mainland and I think that is total b.s. They shouldn't have the right to do that. Those people were here loooong before people from the mainland moved here. This is the land of the aborigines and it should stay like that. Total bull s.

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