Thursday, August 14, 2008


Follow Cindy Sheehan via Google Alerts

by Larry Geller

Cindy Sheehan

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Can a national peace icon with only $300,000 collected so far mount a successful challenge to Nancy Pelosi, the powerful speaker of the house? You betcha.

As the most powerful woman in government, Nancy Pelosi is used to confronting political rivals, but the House speaker has trouble on her flank. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan (right), displeased with the Democrats’ lack of progress against the war, has gathered enough signatures to challenge Pelosi as an independent. [Sheehan qualifies for Pelosi challenge,, 8/12/2008]

She says Pelosi has failed the country by refusing to cut off funding for the war after Democrats reclaimed the majority in the 2006 elections. [Cindy Sheehan qualifies to run for Pelosi's seat, AP, 8/11/2008]

Even with less money, Sheehan’s straight talk should contrast nicely with Pelosi’s excuses for inaction and ought to offset some of the economic disadvantage.

Since local papers may not follow this, if you are a Cindy Sheehan fan, try creating a Google Alert to follow her campaign. This is a handy way to follow disappeared new of all sorts. You get an email when something appears in the news.

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Strangely enough Cindy has a shot in that congressional district which has produced unlikely, non-corporate-funded, local politicians (like Matt Gonzalez, Nader’s VP pick this year) before with intense volunteer activity. It’s arguably the most radical CD in the country and I can testify as to how much they feel betrayed by Pelosi after visiting there last summer.

In San Francisco it’s been a Green Party stronghold and although Sheehan is running as an independent she has the Green Party’s support.

Personally there are few things that would be more satisfying this November than to see Pelosi get her comeuppance for her complicity in Bush’s war.

Thanks, Andy, for your report about the congressional district and about Cindy's campaign.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed (toes, eyes, too) for her to trounce Pelosi.

Larry, I agree with you about Google Alerts. It's how I follow HSF and Kauai. I don't have to go looking for it, it just comes to me. Those Google guys are awesome, they deserve the money they have earned. Aloha, Brad

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