Monday, August 25, 2008


Advertiser locks out comments for striking blogs (space available elsewhere, though…)

by Larry Geller

I visited some Advertiser blogs. Some are still posting, apparently not joining the strike. Others have comments locked out (also see the comment posted to Newspaper meltdown 9: Hawaii’s first blog strike.

I hope the strike doesn’t go on too long, many of the Advertiser blogs are really good reading. Of course, I also hope the paper settles its dispute with its staff and gives them a nice, new contract.

If the blog strike goes on and bloggers are itching to post, it’s so easy these days to create your own blog, even for temporary use. I created this one, Disappeared Blogs, in something like 20 seconds. Anyone can do it. There’s a few things that would still need tweaking, but I just wanted to illustrate how fickle the web can be. Locked out one place? Go to another.

And we’re still a two-newspaper town, both bristling with blogs and possibly welcoming new ones.

There’s no monopoly on blogs, right? The trick is to get people to come read yours after you have committed your article to the infinite blogosphere.


Thanks for the tip and meta tags. cheers gataonna

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