Monday, July 14, 2008


Obama dissected

by Larry Geller

The current New Yorker has that cover, of course, but it also has a couple of articles about the candidate. One, Making It: Where Barack Obama learned to be a pol, is a good read, providing insight into Obama’s history in Chicago and how he is conducting his current campaign.

The article contains nuggets of hope. For example:

[Obama] sponsored an amendment to the state constitution that would have made health care a universal right in Illinois and helped pass an ethics bill that reformed Illinois’s antiquated campaign-finance system.

If you liked that article, or if you don’t have time to read it, check out Terry Gross’ interview of the author, Ryan Lizza, that aired today but which is available for listening on the web:

Fresh Air from WHYY, July 14, 2008

Though presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign has been extensively covered by the media, little has been said about his roots in Chicago politics. Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for The New Yorker, explores Obama's tenure as a local politician for Chicago's South Side in the magazine's latest issue.

If you subscribe to Fresh Air as a podcast, the program should arrive in your podcatcher sometime overnight.

Finally, check out today’s Undernews for the sad state of our oil supply, but also for Sam Smith’s ongoing monitoring of Obama in Obama will get the troops out of Iraq…except for the ones he leaves there.

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crooksandliars: How would the right react with a NYer graphic of McCain screaming at his first wife while she signs the divorce papers—one arm is behind his back—he's handing Cindy a box of chocolate candies as she kicks over a bag full of cash that's marked Beer money while a Keating jet is parked outside the window. Well those are mostly true…

...but Obama still loves the nuclear industry and still takes their cash. Sigh....

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