Monday, July 14, 2008


Hart voting machines the subject of other lawsuits

by Larry Geller

Google reveals that Hart, along with other manufacturers of voting computers, is the subject of challenges in several jurisdictions. For example (snippet):

Lawsuit: Voting Machine Company Cheated Government

DENVER (AP) ― A former technician for a voting machines company is alleging the company cheated the federal government by falsifying information about the accuracy and security of its voting system.

The allegation is in a lawsuit the technician filed as a "whistleblower" against his former employer, Hart InterCivic Inc., which he says has a research and development office in Lafayette.

William Singer alleges that Hart InterCivic lied to election officials around the country about the reliability of its voting system in an effort to obtain federal money allocated to the states under the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

Googling also reveals articles describing the ease by which votes on various electronic machines can be flipped.

We should be concerned about the state’s rush to install these machines and to bypass the use of the reliable, verifiable, paper ballot system which has served us well for all these many years.

As we rush to install electronic voting computers, some other states are moving forward with going backaward—they are banning unreliable electronic voting computers in favor of proven, if older, technologies.

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