Thursday, July 17, 2008


Failure to use the technology we have

by Larry Geller

SF IT System Lockout Continues

Administrators still cannot access San Francisco's main IT system, thanks to a now jailed employee who changed all the passwords and won't give them to authorities.

An IT employee who is charged with gumming up the works at the City and County of San Francisco's main data center by changing access passwords for administrators could have been stopped short of crippling access to the system if IT management had had the right security software in place.

[Terry} Childs, who was arrested July 13, refuses to divulge to authorities the new secret password he concocted—even four days after his arrest.

A city spokesperson estimated that this internal breakdown will cost millions of dollars in repairs. Though the network is running, there is still no way for IT administrators to access it at this time.

I thought waterboarding was legal. So what are they waiting for? Either get the information out of this guy or impeach Bush. Those seem to be the choices.

Or, why can’t he be sent to Syria?

C’mon, you guys in San Francisco, get with the technology we Americans use in such circumstances.

On the bright side, this is going to make a great movie one day.

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