Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Newspapers disappear your news on impeachment

by Larry Geller

Hey, did you notice in the paper that Dennis Kucinich has introduced articles of impeachment against Bush? It won't happen, of course. The strangely named House of Representatives has sent it to committee, which, according to CNN, ends it. And as you can read in the CNN article, the Democrats were the ones who killed it.

You didn't see this story in your paper? Of course not. Newspapers think they know what news you should see (as well as how you should vote, who should be president, what you should buy, etc.).

So even in Hawaii, where Kucinich is quite a popular guy, don't expect much in print on this story. (I'd love to be wrong, of course.)

There are great articles and discussion on the web, free for the googling. Here's a paragraph from an article by Deborah Emin on

This summer has opened with Dennis Kucinich’s marathon reading of the 35 articles of impeachment on Monday, June 9, 2008 on the floor of the House of Representatives. I watched as I hope many millions of people did last night as he exhaustively covered in painstaking detail a long list of crimes for which the president, George W. Bush, should be removed from office. With each new article and its supporting data, I felt a sense of the depth of the betrayal this president has committed not just of his oath and of the people of this country, but to the kind of future most of us expected.

The papers want to be players on the Internet—If so, they need to get busy and play! We have choices. I chose to MSNBC Impeach Poll 6-11-2008 check out MSNBC this afternoon. Just a few minutes ago I snapped a pic of their impeachment poll. Of course, it's not a scientific survey, but just look at it! For crying out loud, it's on a website run by some combination of Bill Gates and General Electric! (click for larger). Visitors to MSNBC have left a message, however you interpret it.

This message is being missed by the daily newspapers. Oh, I forgot, we don't matter except as eyeballs to be delivered to advertisers and as voters to be influenced by news conglomerate owners. At least we matter to someone...

It's worth paying attention to what Kucinch has stirred up. From an article posted yesterday on Danny Schechter's News Dissector website:

Bush’s response to Katrinia is the basis for one impeachment article. Compare Bush’s response to Katrinia to China’s response to the recent earthquake.

Here’s one observer’s report on Reuter’s Alertnet from the quake zone –where the “quake lake” problem by the way has been contained:

If disaster relief were an Olympic sport, China would take the gold medal.

Entire towns of pre-fabricated homes have been erected for victims, complete with shops and restaurants. The city of Beichuan was completely reduced to rubble in one minute. Beichuan’s survivors are now living comfortably in government camps and being cared for by streams of volunteers from all over China. Every other person is wearing an “I love China” t-shirt, some with the Olympic rings printed on the back.

What a contrast! If Bush could be impeached, surely we would not miss him.


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