Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Look for the Stop Rail petition in your MidWeek

by Larry Geller

Do you read MidWeek? Doesn't matter. Don't throw away this week's copy (arriving sometime between Wednesday and Friday usually) without first extracting the copy of the Stop Rail Now petition that's tucked into it.

If you don't get MidWeek, you can still download a copy of the petition from the Stop Rail Now website here.

I understand that the number of signatures has been growing, but that many more are still needed to meet the deadline. You can ask your friends and family to sign, if you think the Mayor's costly rail plan is wrong, or if you disagree (as I do) with the way it is being done—that is, without first doing community planning.

We don't even know what it is that is being shoved down our throats because the medicine keeps changing at the whim of the Mayor or City Council.

No, I don't favor HOT lanes. But the petition drive, if successful, can put the brakes on this wonton [er, wanton, thanks Doug] development project and give us a chance to figure out what we want our neighborhoods to look like. And then we can plan whatever transit system (or systems) will work best for us. That's  u s  as in you and me. Our communities do not belong to the  developers or real estate investment trusts who are driving this project and who seem to get whatever they want just by asking for it. That's wrong. Our taxes should not benefit them at our expense. That's crazy.

So look through your MidWeek for that petition, and please put it to good use.

I thank you. Your children will thank you.


Hey, nobody told me dim sum would be involved in this! Where do I sign?!

I think you meant to say 'wanton.' :P

How embarrassing. Me, a former copy editor. Ok, I fixed it, and thanks for pointing that out.

Maybe it had to do with preparing all day for a radio talk on Slow Food.

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