Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Police tase man with possible mental health issues

by Larry Geller

It's hard to say from this brief KITV report, but it appears that the Honolulu Police may have tased a man with mental health issues. The article describes self-injurious behavior, which can be a characteristic of several mental illnesses.

Police Use Taser To Stop Man Injuring Himself

HONOLULU -- Police arrested and brought down a man with a Taser after he was injuring himself and bicycling through traffic on Nimitz Highway Tuesday morning, authorities said.

A homeless man got into a domestic argument in the Sand Island area, police said.

Then he was seen hurting himself with a sharpened file tool and bicycling in and out of traffic on Nimitz Highway, according to police.

A group of police surrounded the man and stunned him with a Taser, authorities said.... [KITV, May 13, 2008]

So the man was surrounded. Why not put on handcuffs? Was the use of the Taser (which can kill) necessary?

I'll be asking to view the video, which should be a public record. HPD requires that requests be mailed to them, so it will be in the mail tomorrow.

(Thanks to Doug who brought this to my attention in a comment to the previous post.)



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