Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Kauai's new police chief on a dangerous military mission

by Larry Geller

I'm on Oahu and new police chief Darryl Perry is on Kauai. I've never met him, but I'm concerned.

There's every indication that he is planning to beef up Kauai's police force in such a way that it will become a threat to the peaceful citizens of Kauai.

In the past they've somehow gotten along without riot gear, Tasers and other advanced weapons on the island. That's an admirable situation, because since there weren't those hazardous weapons around, they couldn't be used against anyone.

What changes when police militarize for no purpose is only one thing: people will be hurt or killed either accidentally or through misguided use of force. It's inevitable. You provide a trigger and a finger to use the trigger. Sooner or later they meet, by design.

Check out these and other articles on Island Breath. They have some great illustrations, too:

We don't want tasers for Kauai Police We don't want tasers for Kauai Police Too often, giving a cop a taser is like giving a kid a new squirt gun.

Danger of a Paramilitary Police ForceDanger of a Paramilitary Police Force Soldiers and police are different. Warmakers vs Peacekeepers

What kind of KPD do you want to face?What kind of KPD do you want to face? Dayne Aipoalani found himself overwhelmed by a SWAT squad


HPD officers fired a Taser just yesterday.

Thanks, Doug. I didn't see that one.

Hard to tell from the KITV description if the use of the Taser was justified. The article said: "A group of police surrounded the man and stunned him with a Taser, authorities said."

Could they just have handcuffed him??

Chief Perry has flatly refused to comment on the Dayne Apiaolani swat team action according to the county's PIO- THAT's the scariest thing of all.

For what it’s worth one TV station (I think ch 8) reported that the guy who was tasered threatened the cops with the nail file,

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