Thursday, April 10, 2008


Whistleblower confirms spying on all communications

by Larry Geller

In a Feb. 15 article I wrote that the government needs to read all your emails if they want to know if they are going to overseas terrorists or not. (Or, let me add now, if they are just curious, or, say, if you write a blog they don't like):

A note on warrantless spying

It's easy to say that the issue of whether or not phone companies should be held accountable for illegally granting access to their customer's communications doesn't affect most of us. After all, it's not our emails that the government is looking at. Just the terrorists' emails, right?

Not so.

I'm not sure that many people realize that in order to spy on all those terrorists dumb enough to send emails from the USA to their overseas counterparts, it's necessary that the phone companies make all emails available to be read. Why? Well, how do you know where an email is going unless you read it? The  information in the header of the email determines the destination. As each server passes on the message, that information is read to determine how to handle it. The NSA has to read the email to see where it's going. So they need access to everything.

Same for phone calls and everything you did on the Internet. Check out the video above. There's a sequence about the whistleblower who set up the intercept on the AT&T circuits.

So the NSA knows what sites you have been visiting and may have read everything you said to granny in Hoboken.

A whistleblower has come forward to report that indeed this is true. On today's Democracy Now!" Telecom Whistleblower Discovers Circuit that Allows Access to All Systems on Wireless Carrier—Phone Calls, Text Messages, Emails and More.

Babak Pasdar is a computer security expert who was hired in 2003 to help restructure the tech infrastructure at a major wireless telecommunications company. What he found shocked him. The company had set up a system that gave a third party, presumably a governmental entity, access to every communication coming through that company’s infrastructure. This means every email, internet use, document transmission, video, text message, as well as the ability to listen to and record any phone call.

Check out the story at the above link or watch or listen to the program today. You can just click on the video on their website to watch any time you like.


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